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~Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, we are mindfully cancelling Meditation until it is deemed safe to resume.  We will be announcing Zoom Meditations in the near future.  


For Zoom and FaceTime Counseling sessions visit the Therapies page.


Please hold in Metta all those who are affected by this pandemic.  

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Stay safe and be well! 

Wednesday Night Meditations at Oryoki Zendo

2133 Market Street, Suite 220, Camp Hill, PA 17011

(above Cornerstone Coffeehouse)

   Every Wednesday, 7-8:00pm (CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19) 

  1st Wed: Meditation (30 min) with Mindfulness Liturgy

    2nd Wed: Mindfulness Liturgy, Meditation & Dharma Talk

     3rd Wed: Meditation, Reading & Discussion

     4th (& if a 5th) Wed: Mindfulness Liturgy, Meditation, Dharma Talk or Reading & Discussion

Watch "Mindful Concentration; Making a Daily Commitment to Practice

Filmed at Fredricksen Library, Camp Hill, PA

In this last of eight seminars in her series, “Mindfulness Matters”, Andrea leads participants to understand the practical applications of mindfulness and meditation through mindful concentration; the integration of all aspects of mindfulness into daily practice.  By fostering a greater awareness of our interdependence, we experience our inextricable connection to everything and a falling away of whom we merely think we are.  When we practice mindful concentration, we naturally become more spacious.  A meditative state allows mind and body to open and breathe.  If we slow down, pay attention, look closely, and listen deeply, we open ourselves to the myriad of possibilities for change, transformation, and discovery.  The unknown challenges us to be curious and awake.  It leads us on adventures to discover new territory.  Stillness can invite melody and poetry to bubble up in a simultaneous awareness of inner and outer space; the intricate and intimate world of thought and feeling within each of us in relationship to the environment in which we reside.  Just being here is the source of our human potential.  When we make a daily, concerted effort to accept things as they are, understand what we cannot control, and work diligently to change what we can, we remove the obstacles of negative, divisive thinking, respond with awareness of the present moment, and grow to embrace the world as an endless opportunity to appreciate life more fully.  We lead happier, healthier lives.

Many thanks to Fredricksen Library for providing the venue and support for this series, Joe Catalano for filming it, and Carmen Finestra for making the video recording possible.




Zen Study and Priest Study


Individual Zen Study and direction is offered as a way for students to enhance their knowledge of the philosophy and traditions of Zen Buddhism, and to deepen the practice of mindfulness, with the option of further, more specific and rigorous study for ordination. Zen Study provides an in-depth look into the teachings of the historical Shakyamuni Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as the Buddha or "The Awakened One", and focuses on how students can practically use the teachings to enhance their lives. (Individual sessions by appointment only)

Priest Study is taught with specific requirements, which, upon completion, qualifies individuals for full ordination. Full ordination and licensure are granted upon the successful completion of a four-year program, which includes taking Precepts, Zen Study, Priest Study, Mindfulness Counseling study, Ordination as a Shuso or Assistant Priest (two-year program) and, upon further rigorous study, ordination as Osho or Senior Priest (two-year program after Shuso ordination including a clinical internship). Ordained clergy are licensed to lead meditation sessions, perform celebrant and officiate services for weddings, blessings, and life transition ceremonies, and to provide Mindfulness Counseling and Direction.  For Fall, 2018 Semester Dates and more information, interested individuals may apply by contacting Andrea Minick Rudolph, Executive Director of Oryoki Zendo, at or by calling 717-514-3082. 

Oryoki Zendo is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), Zen Buddhist organization offering individual and group direction through Mindfulness Meditation, Retreats, Counseling, and Educational Workshops. We strive to enrich all people’s lives, regardless of race, gender, faith, or social status, and remain dedicated to promoting the many ways we can understand and practice Mindfulness techniques to live happier, healthier lives. 

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-Andrea Minick Rudolph, M.A., Executive Director, Oryoki Zendo. 

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