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“That which is just enough”, is a mindfulness approach to living and eating. It is a relationship, a connection with all things, and an awareness of the ways that food, both spiritual and physical, comes to us. By living fully, moment to moment, and using the ingredients at hand, both in our cupboards and our lives, we can make the best meal possible.When we practice loving kindness, we give from our true nature. When we practice equanimity, all are invited to the table, all are nurtured and fed, and the giving and receiving are simultaneous.The path of Mindfulness is a compassionate and viable course if we understand we have a choice to take complete responsibility for our lives and our actions. We can make a difference, not just for ourselves but for the people we love and care for and, in a larger sense, for the earth and its resources.



                                                  From the sacred garden

                                                  the flavors and colors

                                                  of sun, air, earth, and rain.

                                                  Immeasurable labors feed us.

                                                  The great ocean

                                                  in the smallest grain of rice

                                                  more than we can know,

                                                    yet just enough. 


                                                  -Andrea Minick Rudolph


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