Mindfulness Counseling & Direction
Andrea Minick Rudolph
Elements of Mindfulness Counseling, which is a Cognitive Behavioral approach, and Life Coaching are combined to effectively identify and change negative ways of thinking and acting, and to alleviate suffering associated with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, body image/eating disorders, abuse, and grief. Through the continuous application of knowledge, skills, and techniques, clients are encouraged to learn, grow, and heal.  Every client is regarded with an unconditional, positive attitude in a person-centered counseling approach.  

In the Mindfulness or Cognitive Behavioral process, a foundation is laid for understanding how conditioned, negative thinking produces undesirable consequences, and how each of us can make an informed and conscious decision to change.  


Sessions are by appointment only

Please call 717 514 3082 to schedule  


Mindfulness Meditation

Osho Andrea Minick Rudolph

Osho Rick Wigton

Mindfulness Meditation, or Zazen, is a conscious, focused practice, grounded in

moment to moment awareness of living. This attitude of Spaciousness, or inclusion of thoughts and feelings as they arise, allows us to look at our thoughts realistically, confront conditioned patterns of negative thinking, and embrace the larger realm of our interconnectedness with others. The practice of meditation calls us into conscious thought and action, and provides a wake-up call; the realization that we need to pay attention. This then allows us to embrace the opportunity to change the way we think, feel, and act, and to create a positive outcome.

Mindfulness Meditation is every Wednesday Night


2133 Market Street, Suite 220, Camp Hill PA (above Cornerstone Coffeehouse)

Fee: Free-will donation

Thank you for your support!! 

Shinrin Yoku

with Rick Wigton

Certified Forest Therapy Guide 


Shinrin Yoku is a Japanese term, meaning 

"Forest Bathing". Participants are led on a 

gentle, guided walk that nurtures body, 

mind, and spirit through sensory immersion in natural surroundings. 


Using time and space with present moment 

awareness, we can mindfully engage the 

senses to let go, relax, wander, breathe 

deeply, touch, listen, connect, and heal.



We will keep you notified of upcoming Shinrin Yoku events.




Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.  

-Lao Tsu

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