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Mindfulness Meditation, or Zazen, is a conscious, focused practice, grounded in

moment to moment awareness of living. This attitude of Spaciousness, or inclusion of thoughts and feelings as they arise, allows us to look at our thoughts realistically, confront conditioned patterns of negative thinking, and embrace the larger realm of our interconnectedness with others. The practice of meditation calls us into conscious thought and action, and provides a wake-up call; the realization that we need to pay attention. This then allows us to embrace the opportunity to change the way we think, feel, and act, and to create a positive outcome.


Watch "Mindful Concentration; Making a Daily Commitment to Practice

Mindfulness Matters Poster Pic.jpg

                                                In this last of eight seminars in her series, “Mindfulness Matters”, Andrea leads participants to                                                     understand the practical applications of mindfulness and meditation through mindful                                                                     concentration; the integration of all aspects of mindfulness into daily practice.  By fostering a                                                       greater awareness of our interdependence, we experience our inextricable connection to      

                                                everything and a falling away of whom we merely think we are.  When we practice mindful

                                                concentration, we naturally become more spacious.  A meditative state allows mind and body to open and breathe.  If we slow down, pay attention, look closely, and listen deeply, we open ourselves to the myriad of possibilities for change, transformation, and discovery.  The unknown challenges us to be curious and awake.  It leads us on adventures to discover new territory.  Stillness can invite melody and poetry to bubble up in a simultaneous awareness of inner and outer space; the intricate and intimate world of thought and feeling within each of us in relationship to the environment in which we reside.  Just being here is the source of our human potential.  When we make a daily, concerted effort to accept things as they are, understand what we cannot control, and work diligently to change what we can, we remove the obstacles of negative, divisive thinking, respond with awareness of the present moment, and grow to embrace the world as an endless opportunity to appreciate life more fully.  We lead happier, healthier lives.

Many thanks to Fredricksen Library for providing the venue and support for this series, Joe Catalano for filming it, and Carmen Finestra for making the video recording possible.

Oryoki Zendo is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), Zen Buddhist organization offering individual and group direction through Mindfulness Meditation, Retreats, Counseling, and Educational Workshops. We strive to enrich all people’s lives, regardless of race, gender, faith, or social status, and remain dedicated to promoting the many ways we can understand and practice Mindfulness techniques to live happier, healthier lives. 

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-Andrea Minick Rudolph, M.A., Executive Director, Oryoki Zendo. 

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