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            The Meditative Cook


In our fast-paced, fast-food culture, what do we really hunger for? Explore the concept of the meditative mind as an approach to cooking and living, and how the sounds and sights around us affect our psyches as we prepare food and go about our daily routines. These workshops emphasize healthy, sustainable living, and cooking as a meditative art. In this interactive approach to eating and living, we can engage the senses fully, hold the earth, sun, and rain in our hands and appreciate the many ways food comes to our table. Slow down. Take time to savor the moment, and awaken to a new awareness of aromas, textures, and tastes. Discover how just the simple act of chopping vegetables can be an enlightening experience!












                 Andrea Rudolph is available for private classes 

                   in your home.

In the kitchen preparing dinner with former Executive Chef Andrea Anichini at Borgo San Fedele, Radda in Chianti, Italy, on JazZenJourney, 2017


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